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03 March 2011


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Katie S

Congrats!!!! Beautiful baby and beautiful pics!! Hope all is going well, can't wait to hear the birth story and see more pics!

Katie S

how are things going with her heart? i've thought of you often, especially since our little girl was born with a heart issue, which thankfully is fairly minor but we were pretty stressed for a while as they were doing tests and we went to the pediatric cardiologists'... how are things going for you guys??


Congratulations! She is so beautiful and I love her name! Isn't it just amazing? When I was pregnant I was very excited and of course knew that I would love my baby so much. But you really have no idea until you stare into those eyes for the first time how much love your heart is capable of. It is truly a miracle and a blessing . . . even when it is so hard, because it definitely is hard! :) Best to you and your family during this very special time.

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