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24 August 2009


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Katie S

Oh wow!! Those are incredible! I so wish I had the patience to make something like that. Maybe someday. :) How fun to go to that show!


Thank you for displaying a photo of my quilt 'Glory of the Garden' (2nd to last photo, with flowers, birds and butterflies). I had wondered if it arrived at the show safely, not having heard anything, so great to see it hanging and to know that it was appreciated by at least one person! kind regards, Sharon

Rosy Lady

Your quilt is really beautiful, I'm sure I was not the only person to admire it!!! Thanks for letting me know which one is yours, I was hoping that some of the artists would let me know if I showed their quilts.

Gail Bourcier

Thank you for displaying a photo of my quilt (8th from top)'Pearl Essence' It was the first competition I have entered, so glad to see someone noticed it!
The exhibition was amazing with some fabulous pieces of work.
Kind regards Gail

Rosy Lady

I love your quilt Gail, thanks for letting me know that it is yours. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, so much talent! I will definitely go again.

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